lg-voice-robokingWe have seen our fair share of Roboking vacuum cleaners from LG before, and the South Korean consumer electronics giant is not about to give up on this particular home appliance range just yet. In fact, they are about to forge forward with renewed vigor, thanks to the introduction of a new voice activated vacuum cleaner, going by model numbers VR6281LVMC and VR6282LVMC in South Korea. This is one smart vacuum cleaner which can be operated simply by issuing relevant voice commands. Just like magic, the Roboking will pause whenever you clap your hands twice, and it also boasts of the capability of moving in the same direction as that of the user, in addition to being able to tell just where the source of the voice is. It is said that the new LG Roboking vacuum cleaner boasts of 10% more cleaning efficiency compared to its predecessors, and is also smart enough to take note of where the master corners of the room are, and is far more efficient in tackling obstacles.

There will be dual cameras located on the top and bottom, allowing one to enjoy a faster and smarter cleaning experience, while three ultrasonic sensors will enable it to complete its task faster than ever before. The internal battery is good for 100 minutes of use on a full charge, and it operates relatively quietly at a mere 48 decibels (dB).

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