nzn-litIt looks like the LIT Activity Tracker’s official campaign launch of Indiegogo has just kicked off, where it intends to be quite the useful device for fitness buffs out there, where it is capable of measuring the normal running distance as well as steps, in addition to letting folks record stuff like airtime, G-Force, speed, laps, paddles and reps in surf, skate, snow and moto modes, now how about that?

I guess it is not too far off the mark to categorize LIT as the first activity tracker which was specially designed for action sports that are a surefire way to get all of that adrenaline pumping. This modular yet rugged, water resistant, activity tracker is capable of recognizing movements in action sports, using tailored algorithms to analyze and score movements during such sessions so that users are able to track and share progress in addition to kick off some friendly competition between themselves. It will retail for $149 when the time comes, but you can pledge your support and receive one when it hits its financial goal for $99. [Product Page]

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