Budget-iPhone-2We’re sure many are wondering what Apple’s low-cost iPhone could look like. Obviously it will not feature premium materials like aluminum on the iPhone 5, but ceramic was a material rumored to be used. In any case designer Nickolay Lamm has come up with his own take of what the budget iPhone could, or should, look like. For those who have been using Mac computers from back in the day, you might see some striking resemblance to the iMac G3 computers. For those who aren’t familiar, they were the iMacs which sported translucent bodies and came in a variety of bright and colorful designs.

Could we be seeing Apple release such a…whimsical looking device? While this is merely a concept, the recent lineup of iPod touch devices do come in a variety of different colors, so seeing Apple take the more colorful route might not be such a stretch of the imagination. Either way this concept looks pretty good, but what do you guys think? Would you mind owning an iPhone that looked like that?

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