We’ve been hearing a number of rumors of Microsoft possibly creating a Microsoft-branded “Surface Phone,” which we expected to hear by the first half of this year, especially since Foxconn has reportedly been chosen to manufacture the device. But Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson, decided to shed some light on the company’s plans on possibly delivering an official Microsoft-branded Windows Phone.


Myerson hulk smashed his way through all of those previous rumors by denying such a handset would launch anytime soon during AllThingD’s Mobile Conference. He followed up by saying if Microsoft were to produce an officially branded smartphone, it would do so with an effort to provide a unique user experience its Windows Phone partners wouldn’t be able to achieve. Myerson believes Windows Phone partners, such as HTC and Nokia, are already providing some great mobile experiences to Windows Phone users.

When you consider all of the rumors that have been accumulating in favor of Microsoft building a Windows Phone, as well as Myerson’s comments denying one would launch anytime soon, we still believe there’s a Surface Phone somewhere at Microsoft’s HQ.

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