paytangoWhat do you think the mark of the beast actually is, and what does “666” stand for in biblical prophecy? Some say it is an entirely new way of selling and buying, and a cashless society seems to be the best bet to others. Well, how about using your fingerprints as the “currency” of the future? After all, this is exactly what PayTango advocates, where this particular secure payment system will be hooked up to a biometric sensor that is capable of scanning one’s index as well as middle fingers.

All fingertips will be linked to a specific credit or debit card, and funds will be deducted automatically upon a successful scan. I sure as heck hope that there is some sort of pulse detector in there, too, just in case some maniac decides to cut off the fingertips of a very, very wealthy person to use that to scan. How about stealing thumbprints from others? It is not as though that was not done in the past before. Still, the PayTango is the effort of a team of developers and programmers from Carnegie Mellon University, that comprises Christian Reyes, Brian Groudan, Kelly Lau-Kee and Umang Patel, so kudos to them for this genius product that hopefully, will see action worldwide one day.

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