BAR03092014_10Barclays has worked alongside Hitachi in order to develop a biometric reader which will rely on the latter’s Finger Vein Authentication Technology, or Vein ID as it is called, so that one will be able to perform online banking transactions – with a greater degree of security, of course. After all, the use of veins instead of fingerprints are attributed to a greater level of security simply because it is a whole lot more difficult to fake. Just how will this device work?

Well, the Barclays biometric reader will be hooked up to a computer using USB, where it will then enable Barclays users to access their online banking as well as perform authorized payments through the simple act of touching the scanner. In other words, you no longer have to make sure that the growing collection of passwords that comprise of alphanumeric characters in uppercase and lowercase alongside symbols will remain ingrained in your memory always. PIN numbers? What are those?

It is said that the biometric reader will first be made available to Barclays corporate customers starting from next year onward, and it remains to be seen whether it will eventually make its way to the ordinary home user. Of course, some time after the corporations have had their fun would most probably be when the green light would be given for the masses to enjoy this biometric reader. [Press Release]

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