philly-pongSo, you think that you are pretty fly with your spanking new 80” HDTV in your living room? Just before you go bragging that you have the largest gaming display in your neighborhood, you might want to swallow that pride and check out the Cira Center in Philadelphia. This 29-story skyscraper will be more than a building when this coming April 19th rolls around, where on that day and April 24th, the Cira Center will double up as a screen for games of Pong.

Yes sir, this is made possible thanks to hundreds of built-in LED lights that will do their bit to replicate the familiar paddles and ball. The person behind this particular idea would be Frank Lee, a Drexel University game-design professor. Pong will be played April 19th and April 24th, where in between those dates, an event known as Philly Tech Week will be held. This particular idea took up to 5 years for it to be realized, and it could very well end up being the world’s largest Pong game.

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