The Apple Watch is definitely a device that has become a mainstay on many peoples’ wrists, although it is nt quite the runaway hit that Apple had hoped for. Well, while it does a pretty good job in answering texts as well as handling incoming calls, not to mention keep you up to speed with important notifications, it is not the most ideal gaming platform due to the small screen and basically, lack of a decent control system. Pong, the classic game, has proven to be the perfect fodder for Apple Watch courtesy of the device’s digital crown – far better than playing it on a building, right?

The app is known as “A Tiny Game of Pong,” where this free download delivers gameplay in a fast-paced, endless arcade mode, with the ultimate aim of lasting as long as possible, with the added incentive of being ranked on Apple’s Game Center leaderboards. Those who would like to enjoy a different kind of gameplay, you can then pick up an in-app upgrade for $0.99, letting you unlock a “playoff” mode which would then let you pit your wits against an AI component in a first to three match. There will also be leaderboards made available for this mode.

The in-app purchase’s goodness does not stop there, as it will also unlock a range of themes in red, green or blue colors, now how about that? This makes me wonder whether other Atari 2600 era titles which rely on the paddle for its controls would make an appearance, too.

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