We have seen some projects in the past that are on the Kaiju scale (although those would be Category 1 Kaijus, I presume) – such as this Philadelphia building that played a role as a Pong screen, and here we are with Balle de Match, which happens to be a giant pong duel that will be projected in Nantes, France. This particular Balle de Match project is the brainchild of collaborative space Company Campus, and passersby can get involved in it by connecting to the game via their smartphones, and get their game on by playing against a computer artificial intelligence, or with another random player on the street. It remains to be seen whether there will be a long queue of humans waiting to have a go at it, or will most folks prefer to just see other folks play?

The whole idea of Balle de Match is to pay homage to the classic game by presenting it in a new way, where the installation intends to turn ordinary street objects into something which people are able to interact with. This particular version of the classic arcade game was installed because it is part of “A Journey to Nantes”, an event that celebrates the appointment of Nantes as Green Capital of Europe.

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