phinergycarEveryone wants to be green and eco-friendly these days, and this is a good phase to go through, preferably when it ends up being a kind of lifestyle, too. Phinergy, a company that is based in Israel, is developing a new kind of electric vehicle that would definitely make rides like the Nissan Leaf look archaic, and I am not talking about just in terms of design, but more importantly, technology, too. Phinergy’s all-electric “Air Car” will rely on a regular lithium-ion battery for local and short trips, while those who want to embark on longer journeys, such as walking into Mordor to destroy the One Ring, will have a new kind of metal-air battery to help them along.

The metal-air battery relies on plain water as a catalyst, where it will consume its aluminum plates slowly but surely to generate power. There will be 50 aluminum plates in total, which are adequate to provide enough energy to drive 20 miles, and when it works with the whole metal-air battery, you get around 1,000 more miles to the ride’s range, now how about that? This is, of course, not counting the 100 miles that you can eke out from its lithium-ion battery. 2017 seems to be the date that Phinergy is gunning for to have the Air Car roll out to the masses.

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