samsung-oled-lgSamsung and LG might be from the same country, but they are fierce and bitter rivals when it comes to the consumer electronics business. While Samsung already has a slew of court cases worldwide against Apple, there is the possibility that they have another front to wage war with – against LG, no thanks to the latter accusing Samsung of stealing their technology. This has led to South Korean police searching the offices of Samsung Electronics Co. that were located in Asan, south of the capital, looking for documents which are related to the technology.

The police are looking into whether partners of LG Display Co. leaked technology secrets, and to determine the involvement level of Samsung, said Samsung spokesperson Nathan Kim. In July last year, half a dozen employees of LG Display were charged concerning the theft of OLED technology from Samsung, and another spokesperson for Samsung proudly declared, “We have no reason to steal other companies’ technology, as we have the world’s best OLED technology.” Do you think Samsung is guilty in this case? I sure hope not.

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