We’re not sure when the annoying trend of voice ads started to pop up on the Internet, but it looks as though we can also expect them to annoy us to no end on our mobile devices in the future thanks to Nuance Mobile. Their new Nuance Voice service will not only speak to the user whatever it is the advertiser would like to convey to them, but it will also allow us to respond to it, which I’m sure many of which won’t be filled with expletives.

The new adds will use natural language processing (NLP), which is used on a variety of applications, including Apple’s Siri app. The idea is to use NLP as a way for the ad to act like a friend or personal assistant by giving the user input on various queried topics. “Voice has already changed the mobile interface, making it faster and easier for consumers to discover and access information, and find people and content,” says Nuance’s EVP and GM Michael Thompson. “Mobile advertising shouldn’t be any different, and should be designed specifically around the unique capabilities of the mobile device.”

An example voice ad was created by Nuance, which you can see how the company plans their ads to interact with users when they start being released. Just remember to keep the expletive-filled responses to these ads down when you’re in a public place.

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