enblinkIt makes perfect sense that as technology progresses (and in the right direction, I might add), things would get more and more complex in the back end, while life becomes (hopefully) easier for the masses. Take the humble phone for example – it has so many functions these days that affect various aspects of our lives, and from touchscreen we are now possibly making the jump to voice control. Enblink happens to jump aboard the voice-control bandwagon by virtue of being an $85 dongle which will plug itself into your Google TV box.

Once done, it will enable you to control any Z-Wave-enabled appliance (and these will include door locks and lights among others) using an app. Not only that, by plugging it into Google TV, you will be able to control everything using voice commands. Of course, it is not that smart right from the get go, because you will still need to make the effort to create “scenes”, which can be done by adding a voice widget to the main screen. From there, one is able to issue commands such as “lamp on,” “TV off” and “dim.” It would be a cool setup to have if you happen to have modeled your living room after the USS Enterprise’s bridge. [Product Page]

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