The folks over at iFixit regularly post detailed teardowns of the most latest gadgets. Naturally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was to go under their knife as well, and so it has. Their teardown reveals that the device is actually much more easier to repair than its counterparts such as iPhone 5 and HTC One. It is this way because the Galaxy S4 has a battery that can be removed and standard screws, that once unscrewed, give access to the internals. The S4 may lack design aesthetics of its competitors, but it is easier to repair, this could be an added plus for prospective customers who like to pop open their smartphones once in a while.

The internal specifications have already been talked about at length, you can catch up on all of the information by reading our Samsung Galaxy S4 review. Inside, crucial components such as the processor, RAM and storage can be found alongside a host of sensors. These include the temperature and humidity sensors as well as the Air Gesture and Air View sensors that are placed on either side of the earpiece. Head on over to iFixit if you want to see more of Samsung’s latest flagship from the inside.

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