seikiIf you think that your spanking new Full HD TV is the bee’s knees (at least in your neighborhood at this point in time), might we point your attention to what could very well be the next big thing? Yes sir, I am referring to Seiki’s 4K TV set which has finally appeared, coupled with a price tag that should bring more than a smile – in fact, it ought to result in a full blown grin on your face, considering how this 50” 4K TV set will cost a relatively affordable $1,500.


This particular 50” Ultra HD (which is another fancy name for 4K of course) TV set will be shipping to the US on an official basis later this month, where you are able to pick it up from the likes of TigerDirect, Amazon and QVC, among others. I would assume if you are a family man and have just upgraded your TV in the living room last year or early this year, it is going to be quite a challenge to convince the missus that Seiki’s latest release would be your last purchase for this year.

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