smartriderSo, at the beginning of this month, we did talk about how a vibrating helmet was used to guide firefighters through thick smoke in the course of their rescue work, and here we are with something for you to ponder over – a new kind of smart helmet that is capable of monitoring your vital statistics whenever you work out. Startup LifeBEAM is the one behind this smart helmet, where it is touted to offer continuous heart rate monitoring thanks to the wonders of electro-optical technology.

There will be an optical sensor that is located on the front of the helmet, where it touches your forehead and will be able to transmit a raw signal to the processing unit that is placed right at the back of the helmet. This processing unit will filter signals it receives from motion artifacts, transmitting such data sans wires to your mobile device via ANT+ or Bluetooth. It is not quite finished just yet, since it still remains under research and development status, but LifeBEAM is optimistic enough that there will be a large enough market for the smart helmet that they have already begun to receive pre-orders on Indiegogo.

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