thermaltake-powerpackOne of the banes of modern day gizmos would be power – or rather, the possible lack of it when you need it the most. Of course, the owner of the device would also need to be responsible in the first place by ensuring that said device is well charged before the day begins, but for those sudden senior moments in life, you can always fall back on peripherals such as the Thermaltake 8400mAh Portable Power Pack. This new portable power pack is part of a new range of portable external batteries that were specially designed for the current modern mobile age, where it offers high capacity power without taking up too much space.

It is said that a fully charged Thermaltake 8400mAh Portable Power Pack is capable of offering an iPhone up to 3.5 recharges, and since it is equipped with a premium quality rechargeable battery cell with 8400mAh power capacity, it is good for up to 500 + recharge cycles throughout its lifetime, which means it ought to last a few years before you consign this to the recycle bin. The presence of dual-USB ports enable users to juice up a tablet simultaneously with another device, delivering a greater degree of flexibility on the move.

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