tobii-rexIt was at CES earlier when we dropped by to see what Tobii had in store with Tobii REX, and here we are a few months down the road with yet another solution from Tobii that comes in the form of the Tobii UX Live, which is the first eye-tracking solution that was specially developed especially for the web design community. Tobii UX Live will combine hardware, software, education and support, allowing interactive designers and developers to be in possession of a fast, easy-to-use, and affordable tool that enables them to integrate powerful, real-time eye tracking insights into their work.


How does it assist developers and designers? It allows one to gain Critical View, where eye tracking technology is now honed to make it possible to see just exactly what the user is looking at, or vice versa, whenever one navigates a site. It also helps improve designs of a page, since it can home in on what meets the users’ needs in real time, so this might just see more user friendly sites down the road as well.

The Tobii UX Live solution will come with a Tobii X2 Eye Tracker, the Tobii Studio Live Edition, as well as relevant training and support to get you started.

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