vadering-memeIt seems the Internet has been going nuts lately over Japanese school girls performing fake Dragon Ball energy attacks that has one person performing an attack on one or a group of other young girls. The meme traveled around the Internet like wildfire as the girls were celebrating the upcoming release of the first Dragon Ball film to be released in several years. Not to be outdone, it seems a new meme is rising in popularity which is simply called “Vadering.”

The Vadering meme mimics Darth Vader’s Force Choke hold as one person has their hand up in a choking gesture, while their “victim” looks to be raised off the ground while clutching at their neck. Of course, the process would require a bit of jumping from the victims, which if shot correctly, can look quite convincing.

The Vadering meme seems to be circulating through various social networks and news aggregators such as Reddit with even the official Star Wars Twitter account acknowledging this trend by saying “Planking is so last year. Try #vadering.” It looks like I have a new project for the weekend!

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