dbb17__vine-image-2Good news Android users! If you were a little jealous at your iOS friends who have been enjoying the features of Vine, you’re in luck because during the NYC Apps meetup, Dom Hoffman, the co-founder of Vine, revealed that the developers are currently working on an Android version of the app. At this point in time it is unknown when the Android version of the app will be released, but they did state that it would be available “soon”, and we’re definitely hoping to see it released in the near future, rather than “soon” as in by the end of 2013!

For those unfamiliar Vine, it basically allows users to film short video clips and upload them to its website. In a way it could be thought of as the video equivalent of Instagram, and some companies have taken to the app to release teaser videos rather than through YouTube which is more or less the norm these days. In any case we’ll keep our eyes peeled, but in the meantime Android users, are you guys excited?

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