vlcmetroWindows 8 users might recall that back in November of 2012, popular media player, VLC, launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get their app made and optimized for Microsoft’s latest Windows 8. Given that it’s been almost half a year since the campaign launched, we’re sure many fans of the software are wondering what’s the progress. Well the team at VLC have updated their Kickstarter page to explain why there has been a lack of posts, and what the progress is with the app. According to the team, they have been working closely with Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers and have managed to cut down 90% of what’s considered “forbidden” in the modern UI.

However they claim that despite all of this, there is still quite a lot of work to be done, although they did show a screen capture of the app in action which seems to be working pretty well. However we guess that there is probably a lot more things under the hood that needs to be done and they are currently try to make VLC work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing, and write headers and C/C++ code to access the new fashion of COM APIs in which WinRT is written in. Granted it’s a bit technical for the average user, but fret not as development is still being done, and we guess it’s only a matter of time before we see its release.

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