One of YouTube’s co-founders teased he was close to launching a new video service, but was about a month away from its actual launch. What better day to launch an actual product, or in this place a video platform, than on the day where the Internet is running rampant with April Fools’ Day stories? We could think of 364 better days, but regardless of what we think, Chad Hurley decided today was the day to launch his new video platform, MixBit.

The announcement came as sort of an April Fools’ Joke as Hurley announced on his Twitter profile “Since YouTube is ending, we’re launching a new video site.” Of course, YouTube is far from closing its doors, but MixBit is actually a new video platform, although information regarding what it actually does and how it’ll attract the attention of online video watchers is to be seen. Instead of MixBit being a direct competitor to YouTube, the site would provide its users the “flexibility for people to work together and create content.” If that means more cat videos an anime music videos, then we’re all for it.

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