From May 19 to May 25, YouTube will be organizing a Comedy Week on the website, which will bring together several big name stars who will be performing hilarious, hopefully, sketches and stand-up routines. This is a significant move on YouTube’s part to draw attention towards its entry in the original programming niche. More event weeks will be held later this year, they’ll be centered around various different themes.

Popular comedic stars such as Rainn Wilson, Seth Rogen, Micheal Cera, Vince Vaughn, Sarah Silverman and comedy groups The Lonely Island as well as Tim & Eric will be performing on YouTube Comedy Week. The Week will be live streamed from Culver Studios in Los Angeles, California. YouTube roped in former Jimmey Kimmel Live! producer Daniel Kellison as an executive producer, he has worked with a staff of 40 people to get done with this “tremendously daunting” task of producing YouTube Comedy Week. The humor genre has always been pretty big on the internet, and only recently Comedy Central announced its plans of organizing a comedy festival entirely on Twitter and Vine. With YouTube throwing its hat in the ring, aided by big name comedians, we can surely expect some amazing comedy.

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