We’ve all seen different kinds of iPhone cases, protectors and covers. Most users simply don’t use one at all, but for some carrying their beloved smartphone around without protection is a horrifying thought. A 3D printing house based in Amsterdam has created a very unique product which can be used to carry an iPhone around. Its actually a pair of 3D printed shoes called iPhone Mashup Shoe.

The iPhone Mashup Shoe was exhibited at Milan Design Week 2012 and recently at the launch of Print Shift, which is an on demand magazine focused entirely on the phenomenon that is 3D printing. The shoe was actually designed around iPhone cases from a 3D printed accessories site. Alan Nguyen, the designer of this shoe, said that they relate a lot to DJs as they take “other people’s things and they put it together to create something totally new.” The iPhone Mashup Shoe has been designed for a size 37, which translates in to a size 6 in the U.S. This just shows the level of creativity and creation that can be achieved through a 3D printer, which by the way, you can now pick one up at Staples.

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