HP-Envy-X2-review-4Thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8, we’re starting to see a fair number of hybrid devices being released into the market. For those wondering what we’re talking about, we’re talking about hybrid devices like laptops which have the ability to be transformed into a tablet with a touchscreen interface, albeit a rather big and heavy one. Thanks to the touch interface, interacting with your mobile computer has definitely changed, but is this a trend here to stay or is it merely a novel piece of technology that might fall by the wayside in the future? AMD’s director of mobility, Kevin Lensing, doesn’t seem to think so.


In fact Lensing seems to believe that “the notebook is gone” and that it is on the decline, and hybrid devices like the one we described earlier are here to stay. Lensing did note that not everything is rosy just yet as the form factors of some of these hybrid devices have yet to be perfected and that “the designs aren’t there yet”, and that companies are expected to make several mistakes along the way before discovering what works and what doesn’t. What do you guys think? Will hybrids eventually overtake regular notebooks, or do you think notebooks and tablets can continue to exist side-by-side?

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