Google I/O is kicking off in a little over an hour, and already we’re hearing about some possibly leaked information on what exactly Google is planning to announce during their keynote. Earlier today, we caught a glimpse of a new Google Maps signup page, and now, we’re hearing Android 4.3 will also be making an appearance later today.

The source of the possible leak comes from a search listing on Google’s developer website that mentions Google’s upcoming mobile operating system. As of this writing, the mention has been removed, although we’re sure this is an indication that Google is getting ready to talk Android 4.3 at today’s Google I/O keynote.


Up until today, Android 4.3 remained a huge mystery, but thanks to the leaked information, we can expect it to support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and OpenGL for Embedded Systems 3.0. What this means for the average user is Android 4.3 would conserve your mobile device’s battery when using Bluetooth devices, as long as they support BLE, and OpenGL will help introduce some advanced visual effects within games and graphics-intensive applications.

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