Well before the schedule for Google I/O 2013 was even announced, it was rumored that Google will announce a new Android update at the conference. This was an easy guess, considering that the company has traditionally done so in the past. Back then it was rumored that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be unveiled at this event. A few days ago contradictory rumors started coming in, claiming Google would be announcing Android 4.3 instead. Day one of I/O 2013 has gone by and Google made no mention of a new Android update in its 3 hour long keynote. However, according to a new rumor, Android 4.3 release is going to take place in ‘the coming months.’

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group claims this in a new press release. They say that Google has committed to add support for Bluetooth Smart in the future versions of Android OS, Bluetooth Smart is a power efficient standard that is already supported by iOS as well as various Android devices such as Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 etc. According to the group, Android 4.3 is going to be the first version of this operating system to support Bluetooth Smart. That said, Google is still keeping quiet on the release of a new update, and we can’t really be sure until the company makes an official announcement.

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