We’re sure that many guys and girls out there fancies themselves as the best kisser ever, but what if you could take a “test” to prove it? While we doubt it’s the most scientific of tests, the Kissing Evaluator was designed as a whimsical device for Red Bull Creation and was put together by a team of inventors in San Francisco, and basically invited couples off the street to test their kissing prowess. Basically couples take one of their shoes off and stand on a metal plate which is connected to the Kissing Evaluator which reacts by flashing LED lights and emitting “woob woob” and “bleb bleb” noises.

The Kissing Evaluator is actually put together using the Encabulator and an Arduino microcontroller, a bunch of telephone wires and connectors which can be readily had from RadioShack. The Makey Makey is then used to determine when contact has been made evaluation is made based on how long the couple held contact for based on 15 seconds, or when the couple breaks off contact, whichever comes first. Like we said it’s hardly the most scientific measuring tool but it sounds pretty fun anyway. Be sure to check it out in the video above if you have a few minutes to spare!

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