There’s no doubt that gigabit internet is definitely the future, and the FCC Chairman certainly likes it, as he wants to see gigabit internet in all 50 U.S. states by 2015. Google has been working extensively in this arena, it is currently in the process of rolling out its Fiber gigabit internet and TV service in multiple cities. Vermont already has a Fiber competitor offering super fast internet speeds for $35. A Sony backed ISP in Japan is already offering double the speed of Google Fiber. Now CenturyLink, an ISP based in Omaha, has thrown its hat in the ring as well. They have announced that their current fiber network in West Omaha will be updated to offer gigabit internet speeds to selected customers from next week.

CenturyLink has said that it hopes to offer this new service to all of their 48,000 customers in the area by October, 2013. Competition in any given market is always good, and its definitely good to see that ISPs are taking note of the gigabit internet trend. If more ISPs start offering this service to their customers, the 2015 goal of all 50 states having super fast internet can definitely be achieved.

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