For some of us, fashion isn’t really that big of a deal, but to others, they fuss from everything from the color of their belt to the color of their socks and so on. Well if you’re that type of person and you’re having a hard time trying to match your scarf to your clothes, there’s a tutorial on Adafruit which basically teaches you how to put together a scarf that’s embedded with LED lights that you can change color depending on the outfit you are wearing! It’s pretty cool because the scarf will actually be able to detect the color you’re trying to match and will attempt to match the colors from the LED to the outfit you chose. Of course it will require you to have a bit of technical skills, such as programming, sewing, putting together electronics and all that jazz, but if you think you’ll be up to the challenge, head on over to Adafruit’s website for the details, or check out the video above for a demonstration.

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