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iPhone 5C Video Shows Off Purported Shell In Five Colors
There have already been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 5C, Apple’s much rumored low cost iPhone. The company is expected to unveil this device next month though Apple is yet to confirm its iPhone plans. Previous rumors suggest that iPhone 5C will be offered in multiple colors, five is believed to be the magic number. A new video has been posted on YouTube which shows off all five […]

iPhone 5C Allegedly Pictured During Testing
Over the past couple of months we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the possibility that Apple might release two new iPhones at the same time, something that it has never done before. These two new smartphones are widely known as the iPhone 5S, the upgrade to iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C, which is the much rumored low cost iPhone that the company has supposedly been working on for […]

Apple iPhone 5S Launch Will Be Most Successful Ever, Analyst Claims
We hear this phrase every year when Apple launches a new iPhone, every launch seems to break all previous records, essentially becoming the most successful launch ever for the company. The phrase has been thrown around this year even before Apple has unveiled its next generation iPhone. Analyst Trip Chowdhry, MD Equity Research at Global Equities Research, claims that the iPhone 5S launch will set a new record for Apple. It […]

Apple's Low Cost iPhone Might Not Come With Siri
Apple is rumored to release two new iPhones next month, apart from the next generation iPhone, the company is also expected to unveil its first ever budget or low cost iPhone. Many monikers are being thrown around, this device is widely known as the iPhone 5C or the iPhone Lite. The moniker doesn’t matter that much, what most people are intrigued about are the specifications. It appears that there is […]


iPhone Lite Initial Production Underway At Pegatron, Labor Report Indicates
Earlier today we reported that one of Apple’s suppliers based in China, Pegatron, has been accused of worker abuse. The allegations were leveled by China Labor Watch, a New York based non-profit. Its report indicates that the initial production of iPhone Lite, also known as the low cost iPhone, has already begun at Pegatron. The report has a section titled “A day in Pegatron,” in which a worker describers their activities […]

iPhone Lite Allegedly Pictured With FCC Approval
Its all very confusing, to be honest. There have been rumors that Apple will release a low cost iPhone this year, we just don’t know what it will ultimately end up being called. Many monikers have been speculated, such as the iPhone Mini and even the iPhone 5C. There’s one faction that believes it will be called iPhone Lite. So for now, we’ll go with iPhone Lite. A picture has […]

'iPhone 5C' Packaging Pictured In China
We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a low cost iPhone that is just on the horizon. Apple is rumored to be releasing a budget smartphone offering alongside its next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S. Up till now, the monikers rumored for this device include the iPhone Lite and iPhone Mini. Today we see a bin full of packaging boxes for an ‘iPhone 5C.’ This could be the packaging […]

Purported iPhone 5S Motherboard Leaks
It is not unusual to see purported parts of an upcoming device to leak on the internet. This sort of thing now happens with almost every major vendor, Apple is certainly no exception. Today we are treated to pictures of a purported iPhone 5S motherboard that has been leaked, it landed at iHospital, which is a repair shop based in China. Obviously, the authenticity of this part can be called […]

Apple Reportedly Cuts iPhone Orders By 20%
Analyst claims that Apple has cut its iPhone orders for the remainder of this year by as much as 20 percent. He also claims that a low cost iPhone is indeed on its way.

Parts Shipment For Low Cost iPhone Apparently On The Rise
Apple's various component suppliers are reportedly shipping parts for low cost iPhone at a greater frequency. The low cost iPhone release is expected this August.

Low Cost iPhone Launch Rumored Before iPhone 5S
An analyst claims that Apple will launch low cost iPhone before it unveils the iPhone 5 in September. The low cost iPhone is said to be released in four colors.

Cheap iPad Mini Release Possible In Holiday Season [Analyst]
Analyst believes that Apple will release a cheap iPad mini alongside the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display during the holiday season.

Low Cost iPhone Speculation Fires Up As Pegatron Goes On Hiring Spree
Time and again we have heard rumors that Apple is working on a low cost iPhone. According to recent analyst reports, the company’s next two iPhones will go in to production from next month and are likely to be released in September. One of them is supposed to be the low cost iPhone, and speculation about it has fired up even more as Pegatron goes on a hiring spree to […]

iPhone 6 Is Reportedly The Next Generation iPhone
Over the past couple of months we have been hearing a lot of rumors about upcoming iPhones. It is believed that the company will launch multiple iPhones this year, a low cost one and an evolutionary update of the iPhone 5, which will be called iPhone 5S. Analysts have claimed that iPhone 6 isn’t coming till 2014, but according to a new rumor, Apple’s next high-end smartphone might actually be […]