François Beaufort, an engineer at Google, has revealed that the company is working on bringing the Chrome OS app launcher to Mac OS X. No exact release date has been given for the final version, though Beaufort does point towards a beta version that is available for download now. Chromium will need to be installed before one gets the beta Chrome app launcher on OS X. The app launcher presents users a very simple and easy way to launch Chrome web apps.

Once Chromium is installed, clicking on its dock icon will bring up a list of web apps installed from Chrome store. Through this list any web app can be launched. The caveat with this beta version is that once one app has been launched, and if another is to be launched, it can only be done through the Chrome browser window. Not through the list which pops up when the Chromium dock icon is clicked. This final version will obviously work exactly the way it will be supposed to, but there’s no saying when Google will ultimately release it.

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