Back in April we covered how a server plug-in allowed for the Super Mario game to be played within a Counter-Strike game. Well if you thought that was cool, how do you feel about the idea of playing Mortal Kombat within a Doom game instead? Yes it seems that if you’re tired of shooting each other in a Doom multiplayer map, modders have found a way to install a working copy of Mortal Kombat 2 within the game, allowing gamers to take control of the “arcade machine” and actually play the SNES version of the game. The mod is being developed by Cristian Fabian Munoz Isla and apparently it is about 50% complete, meaning that gamers might have to wait a while if they wish to experience this themselves, assuming of course you guys still have Doom running on your computer and if you’re willing to fire it up just to enjoy this mod, but still pretty cool nonetheless.

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