The FCC has been making life much easier for those of us who need to scratch their Internet itch while they fly the friendly skies as they eased rules to allow for quicker in-flight Internet deployment late last year. Now it looks like the FCC is taking its plans to allow more flights to have in-flight Wi-Fi and is now looking to increase its speeds.

The FCC on Thursday proposed the auctioning off of rights to use newly available wi-fi spectrums to provide better in-flight Wi-Fi connections. The goal is to provide in-flight Internet service that can either match or exceed the speeds most U.S. customers experience in their home or can find in public Wi-Fi locations, such as a coffee shop.

If the proposed auction goes through, the newly available Wi-Fi spectrums would help in providing a more reliable connection between the aircraft and the ground, and should also allow providers to offer more consistent service that could potentially provide a speed increase of up to 30 times faster than what U.S. residents have in their homes.

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