firefox-os-simIt was not too long ago this year that the Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 was available for preview to the masses, and here we are with word from Mozilla themselves that the Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 is raring to go. New features that are made available on this version would include Push to Device, rotation simulation, basic geolocation API simulation, manifest validation, and stability fixes for installation and updates to apps. Of course, newer versions of the Firefox rendering engine and Gaia (the UI for Firefox OS) are also thrown into the mix for good measure.

There are also other notable improvements that are part of the deal, where the keyboard shortcut would drastically improve workflow speed, especially when it comes to packaged apps, while there is a significant reduction of the download/installation size of the Firefox OS Simulator. Not only that, boot up time is faster which could be partly attributed to the smaller size, alongside the mandatory slew of general bug fixes that make it a whole lot more functional and reliable. In a nutshell, this simulator would install as an extension in Firefox, hence you will need to have Mozilla’s browser to make use of it. After installation, it can be accessed in Firefox under the Tools => Web Developer menu.

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