We all know IBM Watson is the insanely popular and expensive supercomputer that beat two former winners of Jeopardy. IBM and its various partners will now be using the system as a customer service agent. The feature is called “Ask Watson,” it will be programmed to answer questions through a variety of mediums including but not limited to smartphone apps, email, web chats and SMS. This feature is also likely to be hooked up with voice recognition as well by some partners, which will definitely make it infinitely more powerful than Siri. IBM’s partners include Nielsen, IHS, Royal Bank of Canada, ANZ Bank etc.

Watson will be powering the customer service systems of these partners, who will all develop their own branding and interface. These “Ask Watson” enabled apps are expected to be released in the next few months, though at first they’re likely to be internally tested. The fact remains though, this will actually be the first time many people will get to query the great IBM Watson. Wouldn’t it be amazingly cool to be able to ask a supercomputer questions?

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