Apple logoThere has been a rash of iPad mini 2 rumors in recent memory, but here we are with what some might deem to be the “main event” – the tablet that caused tablets to explode across the board. Well, obviously the iPad is due for a new model after a long time, but it seems that Digitimes has some more information concerning the iPad 5. The iPad 5 will be used for its description and namesake at this point in time, since you can never quite tell just what Apple is going to call it next.

According to Digitimes‘ sources, the next generation iPad will most probably be between 25% and 33% lighter compared to the fourth-generation model, where it will also go on sale from this September onwards. If you were to take the current fourth-generation iPad as the benchmark, where it tips the scales at 652 grams, a 25% reduction in weight would translate to the fifth-generation model ending up at a mere 489 grams. Not only that, Digitimes’ sources claim that Apple will kick start production of the new iPad sometime in July, citing LG Display, Samsung Display and Sharp to be suppliers of its display panels.

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