The world of robotics has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings, but this still cannot retract the fact that there is plenty left to do to move forward. When it comes to care givers for the ailing and sick, any kind of positive help is welcomed, so it is encouraging to hear that the Japanese government is currently looking into introducing a special kind of “nursing robot” which will offer the relevant assistance to care givers, while preparing the country to meet the demands of an aging population where nearly 40% of folks living there are 65 or older.

These robots are meant to offer assistance in different ways, including lifting and supporting elderly patients and residents who find it difficult to stand or walk on their own. Would such robots cost a bomb? Apparently not, as you do not have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars each, as the Japanese government intends to roll out robots that have watered down functionality for approximately $1,030 after conversion, with plans to rent them out on a monthly basis if long term ownership is not on the agenda. Pretty neat idea, no?

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