Taking care of an elderly person can be quite challenging for most people, especially if they’re a relative, as sticking them into nursing homes is something many people aren’t comfortable with. The Japanese government might have found a solution as to how to meet the needs of its elderly citizens, and that of course means they’ll be using robots.

Japanese officials announced a plan to roll out “nursing robots” that will be able to assist caregivers with a number of tasks such as lifting and supporting elderly patients and residents who are unable to stand under their own power. Japan’s government is hoping to introduce its nursing robots with limited functionality for around 100,000 yen ($1,030), with plans to lease them out for just a couple of hundred yen per month, which equates to a couple of dollars.

The nursing robots are being introduced as a way to address the shortage of care workers Japan is currently experiencing as well as helping to nurture new industries for the development and creation of robots. Japanese officials hopes the nursing robots will one day become a common sight in care homes in the future and are planning to release full details on just how they plan to roll out its nurse robots.

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