We know how difficult it can be to not only keep yourself smelling as fresh as possible all day long, but also how difficult it can be to tell someone that they just plain stink. But leave it to Japan to take on a topic as sensitive as a person’s odor and create robots that tell a person specifically how much they stink.

CrazyLobo has developed a female humanoid and a dog robot that can smell a person’s breath and feet and use a combination of snarky remarks and exaggerated reactions to report just how bad you smell. The female robot analyzes a person’s breath when they breathe into her face, which she rates on a scale of one to four. Good smelling breath will be greeted with such pleasant messages as “It smells like citrus!” As the smell of your breath worsens, her messages get harsher.

The robot dog offers a similar experience, but was specifically designed for foot odor and will react in four ways as well. A good smell will have the dog nuzzling up to the user, while bad smells will be met with barks, falling down while growling, and the most foul odor will result in the dog to lose consciousness.

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