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Japanese iPhone Accessory Makes Smell-O-Vision A Reality
The idea of “smell-o-vision” is one that’s been tossed around for as long as I could remember as people always seem interested in being able to smell whatever it is that’s currently showing on their TV set. But a Japanese company is looking to make smell-o-vision a reality through a combination of an iPhone application and headphone adapter.

Japanese Robots Used To Harshly Comment On Your Stinky Breath, Feet
We know how difficult it can be to not only keep yourself smelling as fresh as possible all day long, but also how difficult it can be to tell someone that they just plain stink. But leave it to Japan to take on a topic as sensitive as a person’s odor and create robots that tell a person specifically how much they stink.CrazyLobo has developed a female humanoid and a […]

SMELLIT will introduce smell to your movies and games
Smell-a-vision is not a new concept, although as to how viable and how well adopted it will be remains to be seen. Deciding that adding a smell factor to our television viewing experiences is the way to go for the future, French company Olf-action has designed a device called the SMELLIT, which will provide various aromas to fill your nostrils while you watch your movies and even when you play […]

Sniffer dog robot being developed to locate survivors
Technology never ceases to amaze, and when it is used to aid people, it’s even better. Well, some scientists recently published in the Journal of Breath Research that they’ve managed find a way to detect human survivors who are caught underneath rubble after a disaster using a sensor. The sensor works by analyzing the contents of the air that leaks from the rubble.Because the air that we breathe out contains […]


Smartphones will soon be able to smell
While smartphones can pretty much do anything right now, there’s one thing it can’t do: smell. But according to some researchers, that may end pretty soon. Luc Van den hove, president of nanoelectronics research firm IMEC recently stated that we’ve reached a point where we can now build smell sensors small enough to be implemented into smartphones.Now why would anybody want smell sensors in our phones? Well, these smell-capable phones […]

Concept Device Lets You Store Your Audiovisual Memories Along With Touch And Smell
Memories are great things, they allow us to relive moments of great happiness and they also let us learn from them too, by not repeating mistakes that we made in the past. Apart from our brain, cameras and video cameras are great devices for capturing those memories into an audiovisual format that we can playback whenever we wish. Not to diminish their function, but it is said that the sense […]

Forget 3D, Bring On The "Smell-O-Vision"
3D television, movies, screens and gaming are all the rage these days and everyone just wants a piece of 3D which is great, but have you ever considered incorporating smell into your viewing experience? Researchers based in the University of California and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in Korea have been working on this idea for the past couple of years and they have recently managed to come up […]

Use smells to make games more immersive
If you thought 3D games weren’t immersive enough, a couple of devices unveiled at the GDC last week should tickle your fancy. Scent Science and Sensory Acumen both showed off some devices that introduces smells into the world of gaming – the ScentScape and the GameSkunk. Despite being different products they both work similarly – boxes plugged into your console or PC that receive instructions to heat up oil cartridges […]

ScentSciences' ScentScape aroma gadget
The ScentScape from ScentSciences isn’t something that you see everyday, but this $69.99 item is a plug-and-play USB device that can be synchronized with content on your computer, emitting scents at different cues. The device can be set up with a cartridge containing 20 scents like forest, ocean, flowers and more. If you use the company’s SceneEditor software, you’ll even be able to load in a video clip and attach […]