Breeze Racks concept dries clothes quickly, leaving a great smell behind

The Breeze Racks concept is something worth looking into (and it has nothing to do with Pamela Anderson baring herself), as this unique collapsible system comprises of a blower, aroma dispenser, hollow bars and hollow-with-many-holes hangers. Basically, what it does would be to dry your laundry faster, making it especially handy on wet rainy days. All you need to do is set the frame up, fit each hollow hanger into the hole cutout on the horizontal bar and you ought to be good to go, as the end of the frames will fit into the blower that blows out warm air and fragrances. Just hang your freshly wrung clothes on the hanger, and the system will get to work, leaving you with fresh smelling, dry and clean shirts once it is done. Nice to know it is also highly portable since it can be broken down into bits for easy transportation. Now, if only someone can make this roll off the production line…

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