According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has developed a prototype of a set-top box that has the sole purpose of streaming video. On the other hand, rumor has it that the next generation Xbox will also allow users to stream live TV and take over the cable box. Microsoft has also previously been rumored to release a set-top box alongside the upcoming Xbox console, which is allegedly going to be called Xbox Infinity. Microsoft hasn’t commented on this rumor, but the report claims the company has gone through a number of prototypes, some with Kinect technology as well. Regardless, they’re still not sure whether Microsoft plans on releasing this alleged set-top box.

It is not entirely clear as to what services Microsoft hopes to offer through the set-top box. The Journal says Microsoft’s goal is to create common experiences “among multiple products running its software.” Simply put, this means that the company wants its product lines to work more closely with each other. This set-top box can be seen as a rival for Apple TV, whereas the Cupertino outfit is reportedly contemplating moving in to the full fledged TV market.

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