Ever since Microsoft’s Kinect was released, we’ve seen a number of people hack the device to perform a number of tasks such as controlling your PC, turning your body into a music mixer and giving you power over your Roomba. But one hack we are surprised took this long to create is the BoobTracker.

YouTube user Mizirk uploaded a video last month that showed off his Kinect hack which makes it possible for the device to not only track your chest, but also cover your nipples. In order to use the program, you’ll raise your right hand in order to activate its floating objects which will track and cover your naughty chest region. Lifting your left hand will make the objects completely disappear, while lifting your right hand again will change the type of objects covering your chest that range from cats, to pineapples, even to a face of Sterling Archer.

As you can see from the video above, the BoobTracker Kinect hack certainly does a good job of tracking the user’s chest and placing objects in front of them, but when its creator starts dancing around, the BoobTracker is a bit less accurate. Hopefully no one will consider using this kind of hack in real life as putting a shirt on should be a much easier way to cover your boobs from anyone seeing them.

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