LG made its debut in the tablet market with Optimus Pad which was announced back in 2011. This 8.9 inch tablet was powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor and Android 3.0, it also had a 3D camera on the back which hoped to differentiate it from the plethora of tablets that had been released. However the company hasn’t seen much success in the tablet market up till now, but it is reportedly willing to throw its hat back in the ring again. LG is said to developing a new tablet that might possibly be released in the third quarter of this year, that’s between July and September 2013.

Unfortunately the report doesn’t contain crucial information such as technical specifications  hints about design and dimensions or even the name of what platform the tablet will be based on. Right now it is merely being claimed that LG is working on a new tablet. For all we know it could be powered by Android, which now powers a greater number of tablets than it did back in 2011 when Optimus Pad came out. Who’s to say the tablet won’t be powered by Windows RT, perhaps LG will be inclined towards Microsoft’s platform. We’re merely speculating here, but we’ll surely let you know once more information regarding this alleged upcoming LG tablet comes in.

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