ab-wp“Better late than never” might be one adage that is tried and tested which will be used to describe the availability of the original Angry Birds on the Windows Phone platform for free – at least, until May 15th, that is. This game that requires one to fling birds who have blown their top (while looking oh-so-cute) towards the direction of green colored pigs who snicker and grunt from time to time is certainly a global phenomenon, and at least it arrived on Windows Phone three years after it was originally released for the iPhone.


We have seen Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 before back in June 2011, so you might want to take note that this “free” bit would target those running on Windows Phone 8 powered devices. One should also take note that the Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds has been replaced by an updated copy of the app, where one will be able to enjoy the entire slew of content which rolled out for the game’s iOS and Android versions. When will we see Angry Birds Friends on the Windows Phone platform?

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