Pokemon fans know a new set of Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y, is being released this October, but up until today, all we’ve seen are screenshots of some legendary Pokemon we can expect to run across through our adventure. Nintendo today has finally decided to show the game in action, and even though they place a “game footage not final” as a disclaimer, Pokemon X and Y looks extremely impressive.

The gameplay trailer for Pokemon X and Y guides us through one of the game’s metropolises, Lumiose City, which happens to be smack dab in the middle of the Kalos region. The four new Pokemon being introduced in the trailer are Gogoat, Pancham, Fletching and Helioptile and the battle sequences look to have been greatly improved over previous Pokemon games.

In addition to being able to battle the heck out of your Pokemon, you’ll be able to customize the two playable characters in Pokemon X and Y by changing your trainer’s hair and skin color. It’s not quite the full customization we were looking forward to in the game, but it’s a good first step nonetheless.

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