wikimapTo say that Wikipedia is an extremely popular site is an understatement, considering how a network outage in the past resulted in many students floundering as to who they could cite in their assignments as “facts”. In fact, using Wikipedia as your only source of information is an unpardonable sin in academic circles, but this has not stopped the popularity of the site. Having said that, this veritable tome of digital information can be edited by anybody and everybody, so it is interesting to see a real time visual map that depicts the articles that are being edited at that particular moment.

It is said that unregistered Wikipedia editors are tracked by their IP address, which offers a rather accurate geographical location for said individual, and this information can then be used to plot just where the edits are being made – worldwide. Approximately 15% of the English language Wikipedia editors remain unregistered, so it is nice to check out for fun just who, sitting in front of their computer somewhere, are working on updates for voracious readers to devour new and updated information.

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