samsung_logoFor those of you who have played RTS games like StarCraft in the past, surely you know how devastating a Reaver Drop move can be, especially when your workers have all been annihilated by them nasty scarabs in no time at all. The thing is, having your enemy build a base right in the midst of your headquarters, or “home ground”, is a big no-no – whether in real life or otherwise. Having said that, it is interesting to hear that Samsung has already gone ahead to set up a research center of their own in, of all places, Finland. Stepping onto Nokia’s home turf should yield some pretty interesting results, and we cannot help but wonder whether the South Korean consumer electronics giant is going to take this opportunity to poach some workers from Nokia in the process.

This spanking new research hub will be based in Espoo, Finland, and the doors to it will open to folks working there on June 13th. It remains to be seen the kind and nature of research that will be held there, although a recent job posting from Oikotie did point out the potential name of the center – Samsung Electronics Research Institute, or SERI for short.

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