Samsung-NX2000-heroSamsung has been working on its NX camera series for years now, with the latest one announced just last month with its NX300 SMART Camera. It once again is expanding its NX family today as Samsung is announcing its NX2000 today.

The NX2000 features a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor that allows for images taken even in low-light conditions to pop with color and is capable of delivering continuous high-quality images due to its new DRIMe IV engine as it works to reduce noise, improve the overall speed of the camera and help enable superior color reproduction. The NX2000 can take 8fps fast continuous shots and its shutter speed is at an impressively fast 1/4000th of a second.

Being a SMART Camera means you’ll be able to use its Wi-Fi connectivity in order to be able to share and store images directly from the camera. Owners will also be able to connect to your Android or iOS device in order to streamline the sharing experience as you’ll be able to enable AutoShare in order to send photos directly from the NX2000 to a smartphone or tablet through a direct Wi-Fi connection. This also means you won’t have to be connected to a router in order to share media from the NX2000 to your mobile device.


We got some hands-on time with the NX2000 and we impressed with its 3.7-inch WVGA Full Touch Screen as Samsung has admitted it borrowed some of what it learned from the Galaxy Camera in order to offer a camera that has a limited amount of physical buttons. They believe users will be able to understand how exactly to use the camera through their familiarity of smartphone devices. In fact, the NX2000 features pretty much the same UI that is found on the Galaxy Camera, so those familiar with that camera will feel right at home with the NX2000.

One interesting spec Samsung decided to feature in the NX2000 was the inclusion of a microSD slot instead of the standard SD card. This may annoy camera purists, but when you consider a large majority of smartphones and tablets use microSD cards, we can see why Samsung moved to this natural progression. It makes even more sense when you can easily swap your microSD card from your camera to your mobile device on the fly, which makes for sharing even easier.


The feel of the NX2000 was also something I was surprised was not only as light as it is, even with its 3D lens on, but also how natural it felt when held my hands. Samsung notes the grip of the NX2000 was bumped out a little bit and a quarter-inch wider when compared to the NX1100. The mode dial has also been changed to not be a real mode dial since you’ll be changing modes on the touchscreen, but instead is used to zoom and can be clicked in as well.

A direct link button is also featured at the top of the camera which makes it easy to sync with compatible devices with a simple touch of the button. Being able to set up the NX2000 was easier than we would have imagined, that is, as long as the user knows to download the Samsung SMART Camera App. With the app, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect with the NX2000, and can even transfer photos through Wi-Fi while also uploading the same photos through your mobile device’s 4G connection, which we’re sure will make you the envy of all of the other Soccer Mom’s out there considering how fast you’ll be able to upload from the NX2000.

The NX2000 is expected to be made available in the last week of May for in three colors (black, white and pink) for $649.99.

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